My work is primarily centered around teens, young adults and adults, to which I provide therapy individually or in groups. My areas of specialty include PTSD, trauma, grief and loss as well as working closely with LGBT clients. Supporting LGBTQ teens and others in the process of coming into their sense of self and/or “coming out” is very important to me. Bullying, violence and discrimination experienced by any person are areas particularly close to my heart.

       Offering trauma treatment to Military Personnel, Police, Fire and First Responders of all manners is extremely important to me given my personal history of having served with the Mental Health Team of the American Red Cross in NYC after the terrorist attacks of 9-11.


       Some of my therapeutic approaches include DBT, EMDR & schema-focused therapy. I've found DBT and EMDR especially helpful for people who've experienced trauma, grief and loss, self-harm and other painful experiences. A supportive person listening to you and supporting you can also help you feel less alone and stronger in your life

 A compassionate person who listens, validates your experience, teaches you constructive coping skills, pushes you appropriately for change and supports you will ultimately help you feel more understood, less alone and stronger, more masterful in your life.